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Waterproof Socks

For a deepest clean, turn your waterproof socks inside out and hand-wash in cool, soapy water. For quicker and less thorough washing, you can throw them in the washing machine in cold water.

Waterproof Socks should first hung to dry inside out, then turned outside in after the inside of the sock is dried. They can be dried near a heat source such as radiator, but NEVER directly on top or too close. Any heat over 50°C (120°F) could potentially damage the waterproof membrane. For fastest drying you can tumble dry on a temperature low/cool setting if you absolutely need to, but for longer lasting life span drip drying is best.

Yes, the sock lining combined with waterproof membrane not only absorbs moisture and heat from the inside layer, but it also releases and evaporates heat, making our waterproof socks totally breathable!

If you are outside a lot for work or pleasure, investing in a pair of waterproof socks is undoubtedly worth it. They keep your feet nice and dry and feel similar to regular outdoor socks.

Our waterproof socks can be used for all sorts of outdoor fun including hiking, walking, golfing, running, cycling, skiing, and fishing. Any scenario where you may get wet feet, these socks will keep you dry. Our socks are also sand-proof, making them great for beach, dirt and dune activities.

Yes, it's possible that water can get into the sock from the top opening. Our waterproof membrane is only to the top of each sock, so any water coming in from the top might still seep in. Luckily our Active and Slim socks have Dry Guard Tap technology applied to them, stopping water from getting for at least 80% of our tested scenarios.

Yes, say goodbye to stinky feet! Our socks are all breathable. Depending on whether you go with the Slim, Mountain or Active model, our lining has either charcoal or another odor/wicking material knitted into the lining. This means that sweat is no longer an issue with our anti-odor technology!

Active 2.9oz (XS) - 3.4oz (XL) Slim 3.1oz (M) - 3.4oz (XL) Mountain 3.4oz (XS) - 4.2oz (XL) Urban 0.8oz (S) - 1.4oz (XL)

Waterproof Gloves

For longest life, Waterproof Gloves should be hand-washed in cold water with a mild detergent only. They are also machine washable, also in cold water with mild laundry detergent. Hang inside out to dry.

Absolutely! Our gloves have 3 layers: outer layer for durability, middle layer for waterproofness, inner wool layer for comfort. While the outside could be wet, the inside of the glove will NEVER get wet, keeping you dry and warm all day long.

HYLA is "the Swiss Army Knife of Gloves," packed with versatility AND super comfortable. And, because HYLA is breathable, you can work, walk your dog, ride, ski, shop, night run, and more all in one day, same pair of gloves.

HYLA Waterproof Gloves range from small to extra-large. If you are between sizes, pick the smaller size for the best fit.

Yes, our design allows you to use smartphones and other devices without removing the gloves. It's important to know that, the thinner your screen protector, the more sensitive the gloves will be.
No, Waterproof Gloves should be used very carefully with sharp edges or objects to reduce chance of puncture or injury. They are not designed to resist cuts, and the waterproofing will not work if the gloves have any sort of hole.

Waterproof Shoes

For longest life, shoes should be hand-washed by first taking the insole out, then using a soapy sponge or cloth to gently wipe away dirt.

After daily use the outside layer will be a bit damp, but the inside will be dry. Use a dry towel to press and absorb most of the moisture from the outside layer, leaving it on overnight. Your shoes should be dry the next day. After washing, both the outside and inside will be wet. Because our shoes have a thin film in the material, drying time takes a bit longer than a pair of normal shoes. Hang drying upside down in a well-ventilated area is best. To speed up drying time you can first use a dry towel to absorb as much moisture as you can.

Yes! The waterproof membrane will absorb moisture and heat from the inside layer, and release and evaporate heat to the outside layer. This means that our Waterproof Shoes are totally breathable.

Yep! After testing, our shoes had less of an odor than regular sneakers. This is because the inner layer is made with a bamboo-charcoal blend, allowing sweat absorption and making this important shoe layer anti-microbial and anti-odor by nature. And, any excess of moisture will be absorbed by our breathable film and released to the outside!

Just like any other shoes, this is a total personal preference. Depending on why you're wearing, you can wear thin, thick, or no socks.

f you take good care of the shoes and ensure that no holes are punctured through, your Waterproof Shoes will last just as long as any sneaker.

A unique blend of rubber with our honeycomb design makes our sole so soft and durable that it grabs on to different types of terrain with maximum friction. Additionally, the patented design in the middle of the sole allows for flexibility and foldability.

When creating Drymile we wanted to create an eco-conscious waterproof shoe to reflect our love for the outdoors. To accomplish this, the materials we used are degradable and the manufacturing process is non-harmful to the environment.

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