Driven by their passion for the outdoors, the team at Ventex Inc. developed Drymile, a multi-terrain sock shoe adaptable to any outdoor or indoor activity, including skiing, snowboarding, or home use. The company’s unique footwear combines rain boots and sneakers into a single economical product that can fold up like a sock. The design also provides outdoor enthusiasts with the ability to buckle Drymile to pants or any bag utilizing its pro buckle design, freeing them from having to walk around in heavy ski/snowboarding boots in winter conditions.

Drymile Team 1Drymile Team 2

“For the first time in our industry, we are able to combine rain boots and sneakers into one single product that folds up like a pair of socks. Drymile is a fun product to have in any weather and in any terrain -- when you don’t want your feet wet,” said Rick Chi, Ventex Inc. creator and founder. “All the lightweight minimalist shoes or sock shoes currently on the market are all dedicated to summer or dry weather wear and are vulnerable to water penetration. Unfortunately, your feet will get wet. Only we are able to keep sock shoes lightweight, minimalist, waterproof, breathable, and all-weather.”


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