About Us

For the Love of Outside

We like to get messy, to get outside and play. The little moments between actions -- the few seconds that we're in the air, the moment our board hits the snow, the feeling of breeze on our cheeks, the whir as it fills our ears, the soil between our fingers, the smell of pine needles and petrichor and dirt -- are when life happens. 

We want those life moments to last as long as possible, and we can only do that when we're in the zone. Our desire for the present moment is what created Drymile, an outdoor clothing brand dedicated to keeping you dry so you can better enjoy the moments that make life memorable.

How We Began

Driven by their passion for the outdoors, the team at Ventex Inc. had first developed a multi-terrain sock shoe using their background in a special water-blocking lamination technology. It was adaptable to any water-involved activity like skiing, fishing, or simply walking in the rain, and it was because of the shoe that Drymile, a brand dedicated to staying dry doing what we love outdoors, was born.

Drymile is a fun product to have in any weather on any terrain when you want dry feet.

After learning a ton and experiencing success of the waterproof shoes, Ventex/Drymile journeyed into other waterproof gear. Their next developments were a pair of waterproof socks and a water-resistant windbreaker in which they applied their signature sleek and minimalist touch to. ☔︎